A J2ME Unit Testing Framework


J2MEUnit is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) library containing a unit testing framework for J2ME applications. It is based on the source code of the original JUnit, the successful unit testing framework for the standard (desktop) edition of Java, J2SE.

If you don't already know what unit testing means please have a look at the numerous articles on this topic that are available on the JUnit website. Here on the J2MEUnit site you will only find informations that are related to unit testing on small devices running the micro edition of Java.

J2MEUnit is distributed under the Common Public License (CPL) that allows free usage of the library. Please see the licensing page for details.

You can also always visit the Sourceforge Project page for J2MEUnit to access the project files, report bugs or even participate in the development.

J2MEUnit was originally developed by RoleModel Software, Inc.


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